Some people say fast food can not be healthy or tasty. We have been working hard to make this possible.

ChickenHUT is a combination of high quality products and proven recipes. Each ingredient undergoes a thorough multi-level test, so you can be sure of what it is in your plate.
You dont have to spend hours in the kitchen to make yourself happy with delicious and tasty dishes. Chicken with delicious crust, always fresh salads, delicious desserts, freshing drinks - we value your time and health.

ChickenHUT ensures that all restaurants in a network meet your requirements and our standards. Therefore, in which of our restaurants you have visited, you will be guaranteed excellent service and equally delicious favorite dishes.

What can inspire and cheer more than good fragrant coffee?

In the morning, at lunch or in the evening - at any time, we will make for you the perfect drink. Because we cook not just coffee, but energy, smile, emotions and good mood. Tasting a positive taste to our special atmosphere, go for coffee in CoffeeHut!

Specially for you, ChickenHUT has created a place where you can not only have a delicious and useful bite, but also enjoy the emotional conversation, take a moment to distract from the affairs, read a book. And of course, all this is with a cup of perfumed coffee. We are convinced that every day is improved if you add a hot drink made with love.

Our baristas will make you classic coffee or cool refreshing drinks. And in addition, you can enjoy yourself with delicious desserts. We took care that everyone could find for himself what he likes.

KidsHUT is a children's room where the kid can dive into his bright fairy tale world, play interesting games and enjoy specialties from the special Kids Menu. Here your child can jump into the pool with balls, ride off the inflatable slide right in the room! Your baby will not get lost in the set of toys - on the choice of cubes, cars, and dolls.

KidsHUT can also arrange themed holidays and birthdays. We know that children like, so they never get bored on our holidays.


In our work, we are guided by the unchanging principle - the preparation of tasty and healthy food. For kids we have a separate menu: burgers, chicken nuggets, potatoes, juice.